Bad Endings?

I love movies or shows that have unconventional endings. I prefer the leading man and his damsel in distress killing each other parting ways than say riding in a horse towards the sunset.

Which brings me to a point(s).

Are the endings of 500 DAYS OF SUMMER and HOW I MET YOU MOTHER “BAD” endings?

I absolutely love those two, probably because I can relate to them. Both (TOM and TED) are 20 somethings finding their way to life, love and more. Both are architects (I”m a frustrated architect). But the biggest connection both have is that they are Searching… searching for that Someone.

People hated 500 days’ ending because TOM and SUMMER didn’t ride off to the sunset. Thanks a lot Hollywood for implanting in everybody’s head that every movie should have saccharine-induced endings. What people don’t realize is that 500 days DO HAVE a happy ending! TOM met AUTUMN for Gods sake! It was a hopeful ending! Its a new beginning for both them! WHY CAN’T PEOPLE UNDERSTAND THAT?!! WHYYYYYYYY?!!!!


Which brings us to my next point, HIMYM. Sure, people complain that the ending was rushed, pointless and not thought through. 

"The Mother died!" they say.

"Its titled how met your mother, not how i met robin" they say

"What happened to the character development of Barney" they say

"I waited for 9 years for that?!" they say

But what they aren’t saying is “Ted is happy now with Robin”. They dated each other, they fell apart, they become awkward friends, they dated other people, but in the end they end up with each other. Its just like they spent all their time with other people, to realize how they love each other. Isn’t that called “DESTINY”? Isn’t that what cheesy people like to quote these days? So how come people hated it?

PS: You’re either blind if you can’t see all the signs in the series which points to the much hated ending. The biggest sign was when Ted let go of Robin. In a series full of plot twists, this was a red flag!



I have been having restless sleep since last year due to losing someone. My dreams became weirder, more vivid, and funny!

So last night, I woke up in the middle of the night. I have been having crazy dreams. Since I have a sick sense of humor, I tried to write them down, before dosing off again:

First Dream Cycle:

Firstly, I dreamed about my family in a car, looking for a bride’s wedding dress. I don’t know why I dreamed about that, but hey!

Then I dreamed about myself, in a street close to my old home. Then two men came by and one of them raised his feet and was about to kick me, I dodge the first kick and he said: 

"gimme your wallet"

Me, having watch a number of Kung Fu movies, tried to fight, but alas, I woke up! The weird thing is, the kicker is wearing a Doc Martens shoes! WTF!

Second Dream Cycle:

This is the dream I remember waking up in the morning. 

Its me having a magic gold coin, with some ancient engraving. I forgot what does it do (multiply non existent bank accounts perhaps?)

It was funny how i read my dreams after waking up. I’ll try to record more dreams in the future!

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We didn’t knew who the Mother of Ted’s children will be… but since the first episode, we already knew who is Ted’s true love.


Last Forever


The whole 9 seasons of HIMYM can be summarized into a quote:

"If its meant to be, it will find it’s way"



Harry Potter Minimalist Posters → Books Harry 

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I’m Officially a Bibliophile.. (Part 2)

#7: The Lord of The Rings by JRR Tolkien


The truth is, I watched the movie first before reading the book. It was during my unemployment days that I decided to indefinitely loan this book from a friend (Thanks a lot bro, I assure you, the book is in good hands). A lot of people don’t bother with the book version because they think its “hard to read”… Oh how wrong they were. In fact, I was amazed how “readable” this is despite being published in the 40s.

Its hard to imagine, that the whole LOTR universe, its languages, its people, its culture and its characters came from a single mind. That alone is a reason to read its pages. If you are bored with this world, and its realities, try escaping to Middle earth, you won’t be disappointed and probably you won’t want to leave.

#6: Luna’s Moustache by Ambeth Ocampo


One of my childhood hero is Prof. Ambeth Ocampo, the rouge historian which sees history not as a tale of serious nationalism and humans-turned-gods patriots, but rather a mundane melting pot of human stories. He liked to stress that heroes are just like ordinary human beings experiencing ordinary emotions but at one point in their lives, performed something extraordinary. From the seemingly trivial stuff (from what Aguinaldo took for breakfast the day he was captured, to Rizal’s lovelife) he gives us a new perspective to the lives of heroes and all Filipinos of the past in general. He wants to remove the disconnection we have with our history by showing us that people of the past generations don’t differ from ours… We just have Ipads and they dont.

To be continued…….


I’m Officially a Bibliophile..

Its 10 in the evening, I’m lying on my bed, waiting for the sandman. This night is of no significance, just another ordinary weeknight. But I feel something different, I feel annoyed, I feel irritated….. I NEED TO READ A BOOK!!!! (I just finished my recent book and was unable to buy a new one due to busy schedules). I think those are the first symptoms of a Bibliophile.

Now I have to admit it, i love books (the printed ones). I love their covers. I love good they look on your shelf. I love that the’re collectible. I love how you hold them in your hands. I love how bookstores become my sanctuary. I love how I feel a zen like state whenever I wrap my books with plastic cover.

I started reading books (especially novels) back in High School. That got interrupted in college (though accounting books are technically books, they are not my kind of “books”) I started reading again when I started working. With no TV, laptops or anything to remove boredom, books became my companions. So slowly and steadily, my collections started to grow.

So I’ll share my TOP 10 favorites books (so far)

#10: Freakonomics and SuperFreakonomics by Steven Levitt & Stephen Dubner


As a current events and geopolitics geek, I really enjoyed these books, they are easy to read, surprisingly funny and tremendously informative (just look at the covers!)

#9: Culture and History by Nick Joaquin


Nick Joaquin is my favorite Filipino author. He thinks differently, he swims against the tide and he literally makes you question what society taught you. He is a master of both fiction and non-fiction. No wonder he is a National Artist for literature.

This book will definitely make you question what is to be a Filipino. It will attack nationalism to its core that it will anger and depress every Pinoy-Pride-Loving Filipinos out there. But after you read it, you will realize that Nick loves his country so much, he has just a peculiar way of showing it.

#8 The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo by Stieg Larsson


A satisfying and disturbing mystery novel set in the cold backwater of Sweden. Lots of action, tension, interesting characters, surprises and of course sex! Better read this first before watching both movie versions (the swedish and the hollywood)! Oh, and Salander is both cool and hot!

*To be continued……


My Inner OCD: Knolling

Knolling (verb) is the process of arranging like objects in parallel or 90 degree angles as a method of organization.


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